Worship & Arts

Tom Atkinson,
Minister of Music

Welcome to the Park West Church Worship Ministry!  The motivation of our entire team of volunteers is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels the freedom to worship.  Our ministry has a commitment to continually utilize fresh songs of worship and has a deep passion to see people connect with the Living God in a real and personal way. 

The Worship Ministry consists of 3 different worship teams/musicians, our lighting team, CG (computer graphics) assistants, audio engineers and video specialists.  Every individual utilizes their various gifts together as a team to create a unique worship experience.

The worship services at Park West Church are encouraging and energizing! We want you to encounter Christ when you come to church.  Our congregation is definitely passionate about worship!  However, we all like different styles of music, so there are several music styles to choose from at Park West. Currently we have three distinctly different worship styles represented in our venues.  We offer both a 9am and 11am service in the main sanctuary.  Each service has a different musical style, worship leader and team.  At 11am in our Gym, Pastor Jeremy leads the Cultivate service.  The worship team and band in Cultivate offer a third style of music as well.  

If you are a vocalist or musician who would like to use your musical gifts to serve our church, please contact Becky Coleman in the church office or email becky@parkwest.org to schedule an audition.

If you are interested in serving on one of our media teams (video, audio, lighting, or computer graphics), please email Alicia Wetherington at alicia@parkwest.org.


-Worship is not merely a song! It is a lifestyle!