What Is Our Mission?

PW Students exists to help students encounter God and influence culture.

Wednesday Nights

Doors Open- 6:00 pm- Game room, café and outdoor games open
Middle School Service- 6:30-7:20 pm
High School Life Groups- 6:30-7:20 pm
Middle School Life Groups- 7:30-8:00 pm
High School Service- 7:30-8:30

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What To Expect

When you come in on a Wednesday, expect to have the BEST night you have had all week. You will experience great music, fast paced messages, games, life groups and a culture of friendliness and acceptance. 

We Welcome You

Whether you are a believer, or have a hard time believing, we look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to welcome you into our family. At PW Students, we like to say “Once your family, you’re always family.


Small Groups

We believe that life is better together. Every week, students are broken into their specific grade and gender small groups. This is a great time where students can be in a safe environment led by their small group leader where they can ask questions, give feedback and discuss the nights message in a more in depth small group. Small groups become students families and special bonds are created. Small groups are encouraged to get together outside of PW Students and do life together. We believe small groups are the life blood of our ministry.

Meet The PW Students Team

Pastor Peter Mattioli
Student Pastor

I have been in student ministry since 2008. In 2012 I graduated from North Central Unversity with a degree in youth ministry and minor in Bible. I love students and feel so blessed to be able to serve students and their families. Student Led, Servant Minded is the approach that I believe God has put on my heart for student ministry. I believe that God loves students and wants to use students to create world change. They are not the generation of tomorrow but the are the generation of TODAY. At PW Students, it is our desire to see students encounter God and then go into the world and influence culture for God.
When  I am not doing ministry, I love to play and watch sports. Football, baseball and basketball are my jam. I am originally from Wisconsin so my teams are all Wisconsin. Go Packers!  I also enjoy golf but I stink! Interesting fact, I am second generation Italian and most of my family still lives in Italy. I have three incredible kids; Landon (10) Anthony (5) and Nina (8 Months). My beautiful wife Angela is definitely my better half. You can pretty much call her Superwoman. Angela is burdened for students to know their full potential in Christ. She loves to serve students and their families right alongside me and she makes me a billion times better.

Pastor Abby Ramsey


My name is Abby Ramsey. I grew up in this very church and have been serving in Student Ministry since I was 18 years old. I love to paint, drink coffee and most of all hangout with students (if there is ever a way to do all three, I’m in). I currently serve as the Student Worship Leader and prioritize student led worship. I love to help students grow in their musical abilities and understanding as well as their spiritual walk with God. I am excited to be on a team that strives to help students encounter God and influence culture.



Casey Smith


I'm Casey Smith, and I'm the assistant to PW Students. God changed my life through student ministry when I was a teenager, so I know the impact a great student ministry can have. You'll find me behind the scenes, making sure our ministry runs as smoothly as possible. When I'm not working, I'm usually hanging with my family, writing songs, riding my bike, or drinking coffee :) 

Covid Precautions

We have a few Covid precautions we wanted to communicate to you as we move into the new school year.  Park West has implemented these church-wide, so in an effort to respond to the church’s Covid precautions, PW Students is modeling the same procedures.  These are currently in effect: 

  • We are asking all leaders to wear masks upon entering and leaving the building.  
  • Masks can be taken off during service if/when safe distancing is possible.
  • Temperature checks for all leaders will be done upon entering the building.
  • Rooms will be disinfected and sanitized.
  • We will ask students to use hand sanitizer as they enter the building.
  • We will ask students not to crowd the stage during worship.
  • Small groups will be meeting in larger rooms to where safe distancing can take place.


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